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Aqui estão as Playlists das nossas emissões. Ficam como referência e vão, aos poucos, escrevendo a nossa história.

Here are the Playlists of the shows of «o domínio dos deuses». They might serve for future reference and, little by little, are writing our history.
Data:       Destaque: Port St. Willow
Hora 1
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Bitter Springs The Hounslow Solicitors Cuttlefish & Love's Remains Harvey Records
Tortoise Shake Hands With Danger The Catastrophist Thrill Jockey
Mathias Delplanque Drachen Part 1 Drachen Ici D'Ailleurs
Ross Manning led vert Interlacing Room40
Guy Reibel Fluide Douze inventions en six m... Karlrecords
Asfast vs Kutin Kutin: How to Inhale Water Split Ventil Records
Asfast vs Kutin Asfast: Fracture // Separation Split Ventil Records
Addamenon / Altaj Addamenon: Mantvantara Turiya (Split LP) Boring Machines
Addamenon / Altaj Altaj: Syngaaga Turiya (Split LP) Boring Machines
Hora 2
Grupo Tema Disco Editora
Geins`t Nait + Laurent Peti... Ghost Oublier Ici D'Ailleurs
Will Samson Sunbeamer Pt. 1 Ground Luminosity Talitres
Brighter Later All The World The Wolves Own
Anohni 4 Degrees 4 Degrees Secretly Canadian
Alpha Bubbah Atlantis Pride Baby Lady Fingers Nonine
Martijn Comes Empty City Of The Full Moon Tradition Noise Silent Howl
Port St Willow Ume Syncope People Teeth
Port St Willow Atlas Syncope People Teeth
Port St Willow Motion Syncope People Teeth
Port St Willow Three Halves Whole Syncope People Teeth

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