CD, 2008 Lens Records

Situada num território inóspito no centro da confluência imaginária entre o zumbido de uma colmeia e a sua complexidade organizativa, e a perfídia jactância ordinária de uma casa de alterne vulgar, a música dos Beehatch reflecte uma atitude afrontadora dos seus criadores, que temerariamente desafiam olhos-nos-olhos algumas das regras de bom comportamento musical. [++]

Vladislav Delay and Teeth_ Ripatti 04
Vladislav Delay_ Ripatti 03
Röyksopp & Robyn_ Do It Again
Pascal Comelade_ My Degeneration Electronics 1974...
Melodium_ Compilation 15 Years
Luke Haines_ New York in the '70s
Joe Henry_ Invisible Hour
Bob Mould_ Beauty and Ruin
Andrew Bird_ Things Are Really Great Here, So...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Open The Door To Your Heart
Band Of Holy Joy_ Easy Listening
Tomahawk_ M.E.A.T.
They Might Be Giants_ Idlewild A Compilation
Band Of Holy Joy_ The North Is Another Land
Band Of Holy Joy_ The North Is Another Land
Band Of Holy Joy_ On The Ground Where John Wesley ...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Oh What A Thing This Heart Of Man
Band Of Holy Joy_ Punklore
Band Of Holy Joy_ Evening World Holiday Show | pre...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Had A Mother Who Was Proud: And ...
Prefab Sprout_ Hidden Sprout
Paddy McAloon_ I Trawl the MEGAHERTZ
Prefab Sprout_ Protest Songs
Prefab Sprout_ The Gunman and Other Stories
Prefab Sprout_ Let's Change The Worl With Music
Prefab Sprout_ Jordan The Comeback
Prefab Sprout_ From Langley Park To Memphis
Prefab Sprout_ Andromeda Heights
Yann Tiersen_ Amélie OST
Morrisey_ Your Arsenal [Definitive Master]
Marnie Stern_ Marnie Stern
Asmus Tietchens_ Spät-Europa
Lou Reed and John Cale_ Songs For Drella
Lou Reed_ Berlin
David Wenngren & Christopher Bis..._ The Meridians Of Longitude And P...
David Wenngren_ Sleepless nights
Library Tapes_ Sketches
Library Tapes_ Like green grass against a blue sky
Library Tapes_ Höstluft
Library Tapes_ Fragment
Le Lendemain_ Fires
Library Tapes_ A summer beneath the trees