Efrim Manuel Menuck
Pissing Stars
Digital, 2018 Constellation

«Pissing Stars», o segundo disco a solo de Efrim Manuel Menuk, fundador dos Godspeed You! Black Empreror e dos Thee Silver Mt Zion, coloca-nos num cenário apocalítico e tenta fornecer linhas de fuga rumo à redenção. [++]

Ben Bertrand
Digital, Les Albums Claus
Blow, the
Brand New Abyss
Digital, Wackies
Dead Cat in a Bag
Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers
CD, Gusstaff
DJ Raph
Sacred Groves
Digital, Noland
Jemh Circs
(untitled) Kingdom
Digital, Cellule 75
Ketan Bhatti
Nodding Terms
Digital, Col Legno
Mary Lattimore
Hundreds of Days
Digital, Ghostly International
Nightcrawlers, The
The Biophonic Boombox Reco...
Digital, Anthology Editions
Soccer 96
Digital, Slowfoot
Vanished Souls
Vanished Souls
CD, Chancy Publishing
Chris Parmenidis_ 8B5C3B++
Nicolas Wiese_ Unrelated
New Tendencies_ L5
Ben Chatwin_ Staccato Signals
OZmotic_ Elusive Balance
OKZharp + Manthe Ribane_ Dun
Dan Gitlin_ Can You Hear Me
Kate NV_ ??? FOR
Skrima_ Tapes
Christopher Chaplin_ Paradise Lost
BELP_ Hippopotamus
AMMAR 808_ Maghreb United
Frode Haltli_ Avant Folk
øjeRum_ Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne
Otomo Yoshihide + Paal Nilssen-Love_ 19th of May 2016
Pest Modern_ Rock'n Roll Station + Remixes
Grabek_ Day One
Twist Connection_ Twist Connection
DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess_ For
Vitor Joaquim_ Impermanence
HAN_ Tuning the Invisible
Bodega_ Endless Scroll
Tresque_ Vai e Vem
Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor_ Tout ce que je sais
Marcus Fischer + Simon Scott_ Shape Memory
Philippe Petit & Friends_ On Top
Gratuit_ Sur Les Bras Morts
Samba Toure´_ Wande
Tantric Doctors_ Karesansui
Young Mothers_ Morose
Shy Layers_ Midnight Marker
Andrew Tuttle_ Andrew Tuttle
Mark Van Hoen_ Invisible Threads
Strafe F.R_ The Bird Was Stolen
Fauna_ Infernum
Howe Gelb_ Label Pop Session
Half Man Half Biscuit_ No One Cares About Your Creative...
Chromatics_ Black Walls EP
Tim Burgess_ As I Was Now
Sea & Cake_ Any Day
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks_ Sparkle Hard
Samara Lubelski_ Flickers At The Station
Robert Lippok_ Applied Autonomy
Okkyung Lee_ Cheol-Kkot-Sae (Steel.Flower.Bird)
Nina Kinert_ Romantic
Maximilian Hecker_ Wretched Love Songs
Luke Haines_ I Sometimes Dream Of Glue
Le Butcherettes_ Strugglestruggle
Wojciech Kucharczyk_ Future Future
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs_ Clippety Clop
Erik Friedlander_ Artemisia
Elysian Fields_ Seven Wonders Of The World
Chocolat Billy_ De´licat De´ni
Cave Story_ Special Diners (single)
Carla Bozulich_ Quieter
Ana Dall`Ara-Majek_ Nano-Cosmos
Aidan Moffat + RM Hubbert_ Here Lies The Body
A Grave With No Name_ Passover
Dead Cat in a Bag_ Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers
Mary Lattimore_ Hundreds of Days
Ketan Bhatti_ Nodding Terms
Courtney Barnett_ Tell Me How You Really Feel
Soccer 96_ Rewind
Kali Malone_ Cast Of Mind
Distant Animals_ Lines
Kalaha_ Dragon Jenny
David Grubbs + Taku Unami_ Failed Celestial Creatures
June Moan_ Let The Hype Decline
Beach House_ 7
Yair Etziony_ Albion Remixes
aMute_ Some Rest
Mick Sussman_ The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music ...
Splashgirl_ Sixth Sense
John Tilbury, Keith Rowe + Kjell..._ Sissel
Tiger Lion_ Beyond The Mountains
Frank Turner_ Be More Kind
Zola Jesus_ Okovi: Additions
Vários_ Pavilion / Paviljonas
Pitch,the + Splitter Orchester_ Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)
Cure, the_ Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018
Skadedyr_ Musikk!
Sigur Rós_ Route One
Second Woman_ Instant / Apart
Pablo`s Eye_ Spring Break
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith_ Abstractions
Jon Hopkins_ Singularity
Eleanor Friedberger_ Rebound
Cold Cave_ You And Me And Infinity
ROUGGE_ Cordes
Dirty Coal Train, the_ Portuguese Freakshow
Ragnar Johnson_ Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute...
Didi Kern + Philipp Quehenberger_ LINZ
Lucrecia Dalt_ Anticlines
Yonatan Gat_ Universalists
DJ Raph_ Sacred Groves
Amen Dunes_ Freedom
Brian Eno + Kevin Shields_ The Weight of History / Only Onc...
hackedepicciotto_ Joy
Jorge Ferraz_ Machines for Don Quixote ...et.....
Ben Bertrand_ NGC1999
Jemh Circs_ (untitled) Kingdom
doon kanda_ Luna
Cup_ Jitter Visions
Rito_ Rito
CUTS_ Exist 1
CUTS_ Exist 2
Seno Nudo_ Any Common Sense
Furtherset_ To Alter and Affect
Midas Fall_ Evaporate
Lybes Dimem_ Syncleft Chronem
Oliver Coates_ Charlev
Caretaker, the_ Everywhere At The End Of Time - ...
Vanished Souls_ Vanished Souls
Selofan_ Vitrioli
Ravages_ Renaissance
Grouper_ Grid Of Points
X-Wife_ X-Wife
Twentytwentyone / DIISSC Orchestra_ Split LP
Blow, the_ Brand New Abyss
Simon Cummings_ ? (ma)
Nightcrawlers, The_ The Biophonic Boombox Recordings
Nick Cave + Warren Ellis_ Kings OST
Lebanon Hannover_ Let Them Be Alien
Imploding Stars_ Riverine
Glyn Bigga Bush_ Sunken Foal Stories
Foreign Poetry_ Grace & Error on The Edge of Now
Felix Blume_ Death in Haiti: Funeral Brass Br...
Elio Martusciello_ Incise
Carlo Domenico Valyum_ Cronovisione Italiana
Bad Stream_ Bad Stream
Amandus Schaap + Evert Kramer_ Done
Aaron Roche_ HaHa HuHu
Marissa Nadler_ Covers 2
Marissa Nadler_ Covers
Kraków Loves Adana_ Songs After The Blue
Cryptic Scenery_ Hospitals
Christina Vantzou_ No. 4
Caretaker, the_ Take Care. It's A Desert Out There…
Birds Of Passage_ The Death Of Our Invention
A Hawk and A Hacksaw_ Forest Bathing
Serph_ Aerialist
Tzii_ Road Trip Through The Abyss
Oker_ Husene va°re er museer
Extra Large Unit_ More Fun, please!
Arovane + Poray Hatami_ Organism_evolution
Second Still_ Equals
House Of Blondes_ Time Trip
SkyDive Trio_ Sun Sparkle
Zonk`t_ Banburismus
A Place To Bury Strangers_ Pinned
Sonae_ I Started Wearing Black
Suave_ Português Suave
µ-Ziq_ Challenge Me Foolish
Territoire_ Alix
Pneumatic Head Compressor_ Hyperfidy / Superversion
Laish_ Time Elastic
Mouse On Mars_ Dimensional People
Slagr_ Dirr
Thembi Soddell_ Love Songs
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers_ Years
Muddersten_ Playmates
Matawan_ We Lingered in the Chambers of t...
Die Wilde Jagd_ Uhrwald Orange
Unknown Mortal Orchestra_ Sex And Food
Joana Gama + Luís Fernandes_ At The Still Point Of The Turnin...
Vaccines, the_ Combat Sports
Her_ Her
DJ Taye_ Still Trippin
Ben Frost_ All That You Love Will Be Evisce...
Alva Noto_ Unieqav
Joana Gama_ Satie.150
Locust Fudge_ Oscillation
Shall Remain Nameless_ Untitled
Jesus Is My Son_ Tout a une fin (même l'amour)
Third Eye Foundation_ Wake the Dead
Moon Gangs_ Earth Loop
Kristoffer Bolander_ What Never Was Will Always Be
Pttrns_ Material und Geschichte
Sandro Mussida_ Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili
John 3:16_ Ten
Bed Legs_ Bed Legs
Residents_ Fingerprince [Preserved Edition]
William Price_ Rush Hour
Star Pillow_ Symphony for Intergalactc Brothe...
Luciano Lamanna_ Sottrazione
Band of Endless Noise, the_ The Band of Endless Noise with A...
O Terno_ Melhor Do Que Parece
Mount Eerie_ Now Only
Looper_ Quiet and Small
Keaton Simons_ 123 Go
Hildur Guðnadóttir + Jóhann Jóha..._ Mary Magdalene OST
VOWWS_ Under the World
Peter Broderick_ 25|5: GNRation, Braga
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 28|5: Coliseu, Lisboa
Jesus & Mary Chain_ 29|5: Casa da Música, Porto
Nadine Khouri_ 30|5: Theatro Circo, Braga
Julie Byrne_ 16|6: GNRation, Braga
Chemical Brothers_ 29|6: Rock In Rio, Lisboa
James_ 29|6: Rock In Rio, Lisboa
Jamie XX_ 7|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Father John Misty_ 7|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Twilight Sad, the_ 7|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Waxahatchee_ 7|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Four Tet_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Unknown Mortal Orchestra_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Fever Ray_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Shellac_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Breeders_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Amen Dunes_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Grizzly Bear_ 8|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
War On Drugs_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Mogwai_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Arca_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Public Service Broadcasting_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Nils Frahm_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Luís Severo_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds_ 9|7: Primavera Sound, Porto
David Byrne_ 11|7: Cool Jazz, Cascais
Nine Inch Nails_ 12|7: Alive, Lisboa
Arctic Monkeys_ 12|7: Alive, Lisboa
Yo La Tengo_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
National, the_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Minta & The Brook Trout_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Marvin_ 13|7: Ecos do Lima, Ponte da Barca
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Japandroids_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
CHVRCHES_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Queens Of The Stone Age_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Fugly_ 13|7: Ecos do Lima, Ponte da Barca
Quelle Dead Gazelle_ 13|7: Ecos do Lima, Ponte da Barca
Future Islands_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Portugal. The Man_ 13|7: Alive, Lisboa
Real Estate_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Clap Your Hands Say Heah_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Perfume Genius_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
MGMT_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Franz Ferdinand_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Alice In Chains_ 14|7: Alive, Lisboa
Torres_ 19|7: SBSR, Lisboa
XX, the_ 19|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Vaccines, the_ 19|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Julian Casablancas_ 21|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Yann Tiersen_ 28|7: Festival Groove, Braga
Dead Combo_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Slowdive_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Linda Martini_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Fleet Foxes_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Legendary Tiger Man, the_ 16|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
And You Will Know Us By The Trai..._ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Arcade Fire, the_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Public Image Ltd_ 24|8: Vilar de Mouros
Current 93_ 25|8: Extramuralhas, Leiria
Donato Dozzy_ 31|8: Festival Forte, Montemor-o-Velho
Monolake_ 31|8: Festival Forte, Montemor-o-Velho
Feist_ 8|9: Theatro Circo, Braga
Beach House_ 26|9: Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Porto
Kronos Quartet_ 30|10: Theatro Circo, Braga
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