Schneider Karcirek
Shadows Documents
Digital, 2015 Bureau B

Foi, eventualmente, o apurado sentido rímico e o gosto particular pela texturização musical a partir precisamente da repetição de padrões que uniu Stefan Schneider e Sven Kacirek. Primeiro na sua busca musical e etnográfica por terras quenianas, que produziu um par de álbuns a solo de cada um dos músicos. Depois na simbiose criativa que agora apresentam em "Shadows Documents". [++]

Shiva Watts
Digital, Antime
Edge Of The Sun
Digital, City Slang
Save No One
CD, Talitres
Digital, Marathon Artists
Decoder Ensemble
Decoder Ensemble
Digital, Ahornfelder
Digital, American Patchwork
Pas Musique
Inside the Spectrum
Digital, Alrealon Musique
Robert Normandeau
Digital, Empreintes Digitales
Squadra Omega
Lost Coast
Digital, Boring Machines
Stefan Wesolowski
Digital, Ici D'Ailleurs
[ed. Original 2008]
Cocoon_ While The Recording Engineer Sleeps
Serph_ Hyperion Suites
Pas Musique_ Inside the Spectrum
Niton_ Tiresias
Satoshi Takeishi and Hans Tammen_ Shawaraji
Liebezeit Mertin_ Aksak
Danielle de Picciotto_ Tacoma
Jessica Marlowe & the Wildtracks_ I Bring You Here
Calexico_ Edge Of The Sun
Boats, the_ Abstraction
AAAA_ Shiva Watts
Callstore_ Save No One
Motorama_ Poverty
Thousand_ Thousand
Beautify Junkyards_ The Beast Shouted Love
Michel Redolfi_ Pacific Tubular Waves / Immersion
Stearica_ Fertile
Beatriz Ferreyra_ GRM Works
Boats, the_ Abstraction
Childhood_ Lacuna
Eleh_ Homage
Tame Impala_ 'Cause I'm a Man [single]
Stefan Wesolowski_ Kompleta
Tallest Man On Earth, the_ Dark Bird Is Home
National, the_ Sunshine On My Back
My Morning Jacket_ The Waterfall
The Lilac Time_ No Sad Songs
Memory Tapes_ Fallout / House On Fire
Kronos Quartet_ Derek Charke Tundra Songs
I'm From Barcelona_ Growing Up Is For Trees
Decoder Ensemble_ Decoder Ensemble
Dälek_ From Filthy Tongue of Gods and G...
Brian Wilson_ No Pier Pressure (Deluxe Edition)
Bourbonese Qualk_ Bourbonese Qualk: 1983 - 1987
Mountain Goats_ Beat the Champ
Prince Buju_ We Are In The War
Tó Trips_ Guitarra Makaka: Danças a um Deu...
Ermo_ Amor Vezes Quatro EP
Steve Reich_ Four Organs | Phase Patterns | P...
Fuzzylogics_ Rodach Schlothauer Weiser
Sufjan Stevens_ Carrie And Lowell
Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener_ Universal Road
Momus_ Turpsycore
Kreng_ The Summoner
John T Gast_ Excerpts
Jlin_ Dark Energy
Godspeed You Black Emperor_ Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress
Death Cab For Cutie_ Kintsugi
Dead Voices On Air_ Sample Me
Colleen_ Captain Of None
Clark_ Flame Rave
Charlemagne Palestine_ Ssingggg Sschlllingg Sshpppingg
Buzzcocks_ In the Back
Anthony Donovan and John 3:16_ Of the Hex and It's Likenesses Art
Ghini-B_ Endlessly Walking EP
Cristobal and the Sea_ Peach Bells [EP]
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy_ Sintetizzatrice
Alva Noto_ Xerrox Vol. 3
Emmanuel Mailly_ RodeoRanger
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion_ Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Par...
Wavemultiplier_ 4040
Death Grips_ The Powers That B
Prettiest Eyes_ Looks
Jesus Christ_ Christ, the Lord
Jesus Christ_ America's Drug
Wilhelm Bras_ Visionaries and Vagabonds
Whitey_ Seven
Vetiver_ Complete Strangers
Monochrome Set_ Spaces Everywhere
Go! Team, the_ The Scene Between
Susanna Gartmayer_ AOUIE - Solos for Bass Clarinet
Space Siren_ Songs for a Dead Pilot
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson_ So Long
Ozy_ Distant Present
Natalie Beridze_ Between The Naps
Mini Mansions_ The Great Pretenders
Laura Marling_ Short Movies
Equipo_ Simulaciones
Julian Cope_ Trip Advizer. The Very Best of J...
Chilly Gonzalez_ Chambers
Ayuune Sule_ What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do...
Warpaint_ No Way Out + I'll Start Believing
Tame Impala_ Let It Happen (single)
New Composers_ Boring Music
Modest Mouse_ Strangers To Ourselves
Mile Me Deaf_ Eerie Bits of Future Trips
Kenneth Kirshner_ Imperfect Forms - The Music of K...
In The Nursery_ The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
El Perro del Mar_ El Perro del Mar [Deluxe]
Charlemagne Palestine + Rhys Cha..._ YOUUU + MEE = WEEE
Huntsville_ Pond
Yasunao Tone, Talibam! & Sam Kulik_ Double Automatism
Satan is my Brother_ They Made Us Climb Up Here
Tsar Poloz_ Go Mambo EP
Minus 5_ Dungeon Golds
Tape Junk_ Tape Junk II
Swervedriver_ I Wasn't Born To Lose You
Labfield_ Bucket Of Songs
Raoul Sinier_ Late Statues
Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke_ Behold
Panda Bear_ Boys Latin (Andy Stott Remix)
Nicolas Jaar_ The Color Of Pomegranates OST
Dead Voices On Air_ Seattle Future Space
David Borden_ Music For Amplified Keyboard Ins...
Biosphere Deathprod_ Stator
99 Blows_ I/O
Zeitkratzer_ Whitehouse
Uneven Eleven_ Live at Cafe Oto
Tom Brosseau_ Perfect Abandon
Thom Yorke and Robert Del Naja_ The UK Gold OST
White Birch_ The Weight Of Spring
Pitch, the_ Xenon & Argon
Shit And Shine_ Chakin'
Shilpa Ray_ Make Up EP
Marsen Jules_ The Empire of Silence
Manyfingers_ The Spectacular Nowhere
Gomila Park_ Ununoctium
Julian Cope_ Trip Advizer EP
Father Murphy_ Croce
Elvis Perkins_ I Aubade
Kristen_ The Secret Map
Gift, the_ 30|4: LAPSO 2015, Santiago Compostela
National, the_ 30|4: LAPSO 2015, Santiago Compostela
Grouper_ 3|5: Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa
Colleen_ 9|5: GNRation, Braga
Devendra Banhart_ 27|5: Auditório, Espinho
Devendra Banhart_ 29|5: Sociedade de Geografia, Lisboa
Juan Maclean_ 4|6: Primavera Sound
Interpol_ 4|6: Primavera Sound
Caribou_ 4|6: Primavera Sound
Mac Demarco_ 4|6: Primavera Sound
FKA Twigs_ 4|6: Primavera Sound
Antony and The Johnsons_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Patti Smith_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Sun Kil Moon_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Ariel Pink_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Spiritualized_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Giant Sand_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Belle And Sebastian_ 5|6: Primavera Sound
Ride_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Shellac_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Damien Rice_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
New Pornographers, the_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Death Cab For Cutie_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Thurston Moore_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Foxygen_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Einstürzende Neubauten_ 6|6: Primavera Sound
Matmos_ 27|6: GNRation, Braga
alt-J_ 9|7: Alive
Metronomy_ 9|7: Alive
James Blake_ 10|7: Alive
Ting Tings, the_ 10|7: Alive
Future Islands_ 10|7: Alive
Jesus And Mary Chain_ 11|7: Alive
Dead Combo_ 11|7: Alive
Perfume Genius_ 16|7: SBSR, Lisboa
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard_ 16|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Toro Y Moi_ 16|7: SBSR, Lisboa
SBTRKT_ 16|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Vaccines, the_ 16|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Deus_ 17|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Drums, the_ 17|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Savages_ 17|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Florence and the Machine_ 17|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Unknown Mortal Orchestra_ 18|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Tame Impala_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Pond_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Iceage_ 21|8: Festival Paredes de Coura