The Magic
Digital, 2016 Clapping Music

O fascínio da música dos Deerhoof reside principalmente no facto de ser inclassíficável e experimental mas, simultaneamente, cativante, enérgica, melódica, rápida e estranha. [++]

Daniel Knox
Work For Hire: Music For T...
Digital, Ed. Autor
John T Gast
Inna Babylon
Digital, 5 Gate Temple
Bitter Leaf (single)
Digital, Ed. Autor
Leighton Craig
Green Coronet
Digital, A Guide To Saints
Mile Me Deaf
Blowout (single)
Digital, Siluh
Myrra Rós
One Amongst Others
Digital, Beste! Unterhaltung
New Rome
Digital, Room40
Psychic Ills
Inner Journey Out
Digital, Sacred Bones
Saqqara Mastabas
Digital, Joyful Noise
Son Lux
Stranger Forms
Digital, Glassnote
Locator (single)
Digital, Anti
Matt Christensen_ Honeymoons
Blonde Redhead_ Masculin Féminin
Wrangler_ White Glue
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne ..._ Sunergy
Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero_ An Eclipse of Images
Vitor Joaquim_ Geography
Eluvium_ False Readings On
Mike & Rich_ Expert Knob Twiddlers [reissue]
By The Waterhole_ Two
John Chantler_ Which Way to Leave?
Bell Monks + Gregory Taylor_ Brocades + Palimpsests
Vários_ Orbital Planes & Passenger Train...
Peter Broderick_ Partners
Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross & Bob..._ Almost Holy OST
Daniel Higgs_ The Fools Sermon, part 1
Bader Motor_ Drei Drei Drei
Lingua Lustra_ Essence
Dinosaur Jr_ Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
Camera_ Phantom Of Liberty
Will Samson_ Lua
Robert Lippok_ Open Close Open
Circadia_ Advances and Delays
Endgame_ Flesh
Stefano Pilia_ Blind Sun - New Century Christology
Wilco_ Locator (single)
Saqqara Mastabas_ Libras
Laurie Anderson_ Heart of a Dog OST
Daniel Knox_ Work For Hire: Music For Theater...
Animal Collective_ Michael Remember / Dannys Jam
Iannis Xenakis_ La Le´gende d'Eer
Serph_ Plus Ultra
Kevin Morby_ Singing Saw
Ian William Craig_ Centres
Emily Jane White_ They Moved In Shadow All Together
IX Tab & Hoofus_ The Blow Vol.1
Urban Homes_ Diggin Deep (Luv Jam)
The Lunchbox Surrender_ Silver Gloves & Spaces
Strings & Timpani_ Hyphen
Robert Rolfe Feddersen_ My Terri Ann
Mile Me Deaf_ Blowout (single)
Mick Harvey_ Delirium Tremens
Live Footage_ Moods of the Desert
Finaz_ Guitarevolution
Metronomy_ Summer 08
Crispy Ambulance_ Random Textures
Anne-James Chaton, Thurston Moor..._ Heretics
Arca_ Entrañas
Yumi Zouma_ Yoncalla
Wolfram_ X
Chapelier Fou_ Kalia
the International Nothing (... a..._ The Power Of Negative Thinking
Myrra Rós_ One Amongst Others
Son Lux_ Stranger Forms
Senking_ Waiting Alpine
Sean Riley & The Slowriders_ Sean Riley And The Slowriders
Psychic Ills_ Inner Journey Out
Plaid_ The Digging Remedy
Orchestra of Spheres_ Brothers and Sisters of the Blac...
North Of North_ The Moment In and Of Itself
New Rome_ Nowhere
Michael Moser_ Antiphon Stein
Niagara_ Hyperocean (Animal Collective [D...
Mi and L`Au_ Four Pair Of Wings
Matthew Herbert_ A Nude (The Perfect Body)
Little Annie_ Trace
Leon Vynehall_ Rojus (Designed To Dance)
Leighton Craig_ Green Coronet
Konx-om-Pax_ Caramel
King Creosote and Michael Johnston_ The Bound Of The Red Deer
Lanks_ Bitter Leaf (single)
Kashiwa Daisuke_ Program Music II
James Batty_ Sanctuary (Overtones and Deviati...
John T Gast_ Inna Babylon
Hugo Race and The Fatalists_ 24 Hours To Nowhere
Hans Tammen_ Deus Ex Machina - Endangered Gui...
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project_ Revisionist History
Erik Friedlander and Black Phebe_ Rings
Four Tet_ Randoms
Clock DVA_ Neoteric EP
Case/Lang/Veirs_ Case/Lang/Veirs
Cat's Eyes_ Treasure House
Beck_ Wow (single)
Anthony Burr and Anthony Pateras_ The Long Exhale
Beak>_ Couple in a Hole (OST)
Angelina Yershova_ Piano's Abyss
An Infinity Room_ White On White
Natalie Beridze_ Guliagava
Francisco Meirino_ Surrender, Render, End
Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke_ It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry
David Toop_ Entities Inertias Faint Beings
Deerhoof_ The Magic
Claire M Singer_ Solas
Ekin Fil_ Being Near
Sonic Youth_ Spinhead Sessions
Motorama_ Holy Day / Mirror (single)
Marvel Lima_ Fever (single)
You Can't Win Charlie Brown_ Above The Wall (single)
Jazzfakers, The_ Hallucinations
Lars From Mars_ Persect
kj_ Wake
Kanipchen-Fit_ Unfit For These Times Forever
Hheaven_ A Single Rose
Sonae_ Far Away… Remixed
Second Woman_ Second Woman
B/B/S/_ Palace
Jon Lindsay_ Cities & Schools
Asher Levitas_ Lit Harness
No Mask Effect_ Double Or Quits
William Wilson_ Whispers: A Scar Is Born
Pauline Oliveiros + Musiques Nou..._ Four Meditations / Sound Geometries
Laurent Perrier_ Plateforme #2
Lawrence English_ Approaching Nothing
treibgut_ Atlas
Telebossa_ Garagem Aurora
Kills, the_ Ash and Ice
David Shea_ Piano I
Daniela Savoldi_ Trasformazioni
Whitney_ Light Upon the Lake
Donato Dozzy_ That Fab EP
Strokes_ Future Present Past EP
Swans_ When Will I Return (single)
Vários_ Tape Crash13
Minor Victories_ Minor Victories
Steve Jansen_ Tender Extinction
Mark Kozelek_ Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites
Library Tapes_ Sketches- Outtakes & Rarities - ...
Jarvis Cocker_ Music From Likely Stories
Il Lungo Addio_ Fuori Stagione
Francis Dhomont_ Le cri du Choucas
Hey-O-Hansen_ Sno Dub
Norman Westberg_ The All Most Quiet
Celer_ Two Days and One Night
Book of Air_ VVOLK
Bob Dylan_ Fallen Angels
Bird Of Youth_ Get Off
Beth Orton_ Kidsticks
Arthur Beatrice_ Keeping The Peace
Andre Williams_ I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City
Amp Studio_ Uncertainty Priciples
Adam Green_ Aladdin
Klara Lewis_ Too
Solo Andata_ In the Lens
Prostitutes_ Ghost Detergent
Marsen Jules_ Shadows in Time
Minor Victories_ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Thee Oh Sees_ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
We Trust_ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Unknown Mortal Orchestra_ 17|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Suuns_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Whitney_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
LCD Soundsystem_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Sleaford Mods_ 18|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Sean Riley & The Slowriders_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Vaccines, the_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Kevin Morby_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Psychic Ills_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Cage The Elephant_ 19|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Motorama_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Portugal. The Man_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
CHVRCHES_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Tallest Man On Earth, the_ 20|8: Festival Paredes de Coura
Happy Mondays_ 25|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Legendary Tiger Man, the_ 25|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Echo & The Bunnymen_ 26|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Linda Martini_ 26|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Samuel Úria_ 27|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Waterboys, the_ 27|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Tindersticks_ 27|8: Festival Vilar de Mouros
Peter Broderick_ 3|11: Casa da Música, Porto
Peter Broderick_ 4|11: CCB, Lisboa
Pixies_ 21|11: Coliseu, Porto
Cure, the_ 22|11: Meo Arena, Lisboa
Divine Comedy_ 3|2: Theatro Circo, Braga
Divine Comedy_ 4|2: Tivoli, Lisboa