Olivia Louvel
Beauty Sleep
CD, 2014 Cat Werk Imprint

A música de Olivia Louvel é um denso manto de sonoridades cruzadas que encontra pontos de luz diversos e se escapa por largas avenidas de criatividade. [++]

Dream Weapon Ritual
Ebb and Flow
Digital, Boring Machines
Digital, Bureau B
[Lê-se Just Us]
Felix Kubin
CD, Gagarin Records
Unforgetable, Lost and Unr...
CD, Aagoo
Jenny Hval and Susanna
Meshes of Voice
Digital, SusannaSonata
Jóhann Jóhannsson
The Theory of Everything OST
Digital, Back Lot Music
Mick Chillage
Tales From The Igloo [Re-T...
Digital, Psychonavigation
Norberto Lobo
Digital, Mbari Música
Vladislav Delay
Digital, Ripatti
Yannis Kyriakides & An...
A Life is a Billion Heartb...
Digital, Unsounds
Zone Démersale
Motore Primo
Digital, Boring Machines
Kammerflimmer Kollektief_ Désarroi
Panda Bear_ Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
Mr. Mitch_ Parallel Memories
Norberto Lobo_ Fornalha
Vários_ Wir triumphieren: Bergedorfs Kin...
Vários_ Re: Residual
Vários_ Hyperdub and Teklife present Nex...
Sun Color_ Parallel tracks
Vários_ Hyperdub 10.4
Spyros Polychronopoulos_ Electronic Music
SPUNK & Joe¨lle Le´andre_ Live in Molde
Steve Stoll_ Solo In Place [Featuring Nina Kr...
Sigmatropic_ Dead Computer Blues
She & Him_ Classics
Robert Wyatt_ Different Every Time
Radical Face_ The Bastards Volume 3
Philippe Petit_ Simplify EP
Philippe Petit_ SPC U
Natasha Barrett_ Peat + Polymer
Mesak_ Howto Readme
Los Campesinos_ A Los Campesinos! Christmas
John Grant_ John Grant With The BBC Philharm...
Jenny Hval and Susanna_ Meshes of Voice
Jóhann Jóhannsson_ The Theory of Everything OST
J Mascis_ Fade Into You [single]
Gala Drop_ II
Githead_ Waiting For A Sign
Frank Turner_ The Thirs Three Years
Faust_ jUSt
David J_ An Eclipse Of Ships
Beak>_ -+
Baron Oufo_ Dar al-Hikma
Fujako_ Exobell
Z’ev and Simon Balestrazzi_ Reverbalizations
Zone Démersale_ Motore Primo
Dream Weapon Ritual_ Ebb and Flow
Inutili_ Unforgetable, Lost and Unreleased
Anthony Cédric Vuagniaux_ Le Clan des Guimauves
KK Null_ Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix
Felix Kubin_ Chromdioxidgedächtnis
mus.hiba_ White Girl
Tumido_ Nomads
Kalipo_ Yaruto
Olivia Louvel_ Beauty Sleep
Príncipes, os_ Reinaldo
David Harrow_ On Forever Gone
Mick Chillage_ Tales From The Igloo [Re-Told]
His Name Is Alive_ Tecuciztecatl
Wilco_ Alpha Mike Foxtrot [Rare Tracks ...
Thomas Koner_ La Barca (Complete Edition)
Ty Segall_ $ingle$ 2
NLF3_ Pink Renaissance
Kelly Pardekooper_ Milk in Sunshine
Burnt Friedman_ Skies Okay Blue
Bill Pritchard_ A Trip to the Coast
Walter Benjamin_ Drive Anyway / We might never fa...
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor_ A Life is a Billion Heartbeats
Mark McGuire_ Noctilucence
Vladislav Delay_ Visa
Villalog_ Space Trash
TV On The Radio_ Seeds
Tshaka_ Them
Son Lux_ Original Score & Songs Inspired ...
Church, the_ Further/Deeper
Dennis Young_ Reel To Real
Fennesz_ Mahler Remixed
2:54_ The Other I
Tujiko Noriko_ My Ghost Comes Back
Ting Tings, the_ Super Critical
Tindersticks_ Ypres
Gateless Gate_ Sibir
Blunted Boy Wonder_ Take One
Rasmus Fisker_ Hydra
Radian verses Howe Gelb_ Radian verses Howe Gelb
Rapoon_ Cultural Forgeries
Steve Wynn_ Sketches In Spain
Pye Corner Audio_ Black Mist EP
Pop Group_ Cabinet Of Curiosities
Röyksopp_ The Inevitable End
Off Land_ Quinarian
Ne´meth_ Koi
Peter Broderick_ (Colours Of The Night) Satellite
Negativland_ It's All In Your Head
Mouse On Mars_ 21 Again
Maurice Louca_ Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute t...
Martin Carr_ The Breaks
Mark Kozelek_ Sings Christmas Carols
Mac Demarco_ The Wonderful World of Mac DeMar...
Lutine_ White Flowers
Lautbild_ Proletkult
Kohshi Kamata_ Seven Most
Klangwart_ Transit
Kemper Norton_ Salvaged
Kemper Norton_ Loor
Liars_ I'm No Gold EP
Kashiwa Daisuke_ 9 Songs
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma_ Eternal Spring
Inca Babies_ The Stereo Plan
Howl Ensemble_ Prooi
HHY & The Macumbas_ Throat Permission Cut
Fujako_ Soul Buzz
Golden Diskó Ship_ Invisible Bonfire
Fred Bigot_ La Voix de la Route
FORMA_ Cool Haptics EP
Fennesz_ Venice [2014]
Erik Friedlander_ Nothing On Earth [OST]
Dirty Beaches_ Stateless
Deerhoof_ La Isla Bonita
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim_ The Remix Collection From Here L...
David Sylvian_ There’s A Light That Enters Hous...
Chicks On Speed_ Artstravaganza
Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dodd-Ellis_ Cease To Matter
Arca_ Xen
Asi Mina_ Bialo
Andrea Belfi_ Natura Morta
Einstürzende Neubauten_ Lament
Flaming Lips_ With A Little Help From My Fwends
Panda Bear_ Mr Noah EP
Tarwater_ Adrift
Ariel Pink_ Pom Pom
Antony and The Johnsons_ Turning
And You Will Know Us By The Trai..._ IX
Alcalica_ YDWR (Water)
Sebadoh_ Defend Yourself
My Bloody Valentine_ m b v
Um Zero Amarelo_ Born From Porn
Panda Bear_ 11|3: Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa
Panda Bear_ 12|3: GNRation, Braga
Mark Lanegan Band_ 13|3: Hard Club, Porto
Brian Jonestown Massacre_ + - [EP]
Boards Of Canada_ Hi Scores
Half Man Half Biscuit_ 90 Bisodol (Crimond)
Half Man Half Biscuit_ CSI Ambleside
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Achtung Bono
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Saucy Haulage Ballads EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Cammell Laird Social Club
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Editor's Recommendation EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Trouble Over Bridgewater
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Look Dad No Tunes EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Eno Collaboration EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Some Call It Godcore
Half Man Half Biscuit_ This Leaden Pall
Half Man Half Biscuit_ No Regrets EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Let's Not EP
Half Man Half Biscuit_ ACD
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Back Again in the DHSS
Half Man Half Biscuit_ Dickie Davies Eyes
Half Man Half Biscuit_ The Trumpton Riots EP
Sound, the_ From the Lions Mouth
Black Bananas_ Rad Times Xpress IV
Doors, the_ An American Prayer: Jim Morrison...
Astroboy, the_ 090309
Old Jerusalem_ Old Jerusalem EP
Palmer Eldritch_ Invisible Cities
La La La Ressonance + The Astroboy_ Soliloquy. Handsome stranger. Se...
Timber Timbre_ Creep On Creepin' On
Timber Timbre_ Timber Timbre
Timber Timbre_ Medicinals
Timber Timbre_ Cedar Shakes
Doors, the_ Morrison Hotel
Doors, the_ Absolutely Live
Doors, the_ The Soft Parade
Doors, the_ Waiting For The Sun
Doors, the_ Strange Days
Doors, the_ The Doors
Clock DVA_ Sign
Clock DVA_ Man-Amplified
Clock DVA_ Bitstream EP
Clock DVA_ Sound Mirror EP
Clock DVA_ The Hacker EP
Clock DVA_ Advantage
Clock DVA_ Thirst
Divine Comedy_ Fanfarre For The Comic Muse
Vários_ Rumours Revisited
Stealing Orchestra_ The Haunted and Almost Lost Song...
Stealing Orchestra_ Bu!
Stealing Orchestra_ Deliverance
Stealing Orchestra_ É Português Não Gosto!
Band Of Holy Joy_ The North Is Another Land
Band Of Holy Joy_ On The Ground Where John Wesley ...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Oh What A Thing This Heart Of Man
Band Of Holy Joy_ Punklore
Band Of Holy Joy_ Evening World Holiday Show | pre...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Had A Mother Who Was Proud: And ...
Prefab Sprout_ Hidden Sprout
Paddy McAloon_ I Trawl the MEGAHERTZ
Prefab Sprout_ Protest Songs
Prefab Sprout_ The Gunman and Other Stories
Prefab Sprout_ Let's Change The Worl With Music
Prefab Sprout_ Jordan The Comeback
Prefab Sprout_ From Langley Park To Memphis
Prefab Sprout_ Andromeda Heights
Yann Tiersen_ Amélie OST
Morrisey_ Your Arsenal [Definitive Master]
Marnie Stern_ Marnie Stern
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