Julia Kent
Digital, 2015 Leaf Label

«Asperities» é o belíssimo quarto álbum a solo da violoncelista canadiana Julia Kent que, desde que se radicou em Nova Iorque, colaborou com os Johnstons, o grupo de suporte de Antony, e integrou o colectivo groteco Rasputina. [++]

Is The Is Are
Digital, Captured Tracks
Eleanor Friedberger
New View
Digital, French Kiss Records
Tape #1
Digital, ZRP
Matt Elliott
The Calm Before
Digital, Ici D'Ailleurs
No Mask Effect
Quick Smart
Digital, Psychonavigation
Old Jerusalem
A rose is a rose is a rose
Digital, PAD
Peso Morto
Digital, PAD
Pop. 1280
Digital, Sacred Bones
Silk Saw
Imaginary Landscapes
Digital, Kotä
The Waiting Room
Digital, City Slang
Tiny Ruins And Hamish ...
Hurtling Through
Digital, Ed. Autor
Primal Scream_ Chaosmosis
Old Jerusalem_ A rose is a rose is a rose
Youthless_ This Glorious No Age
M. Ward_ More Rain
Andi Otto_ Bangalore Whispers
OZmotic_ Liquid Times
Zeitkratzer_ Reinhold Friedl: Kore
Driftmachine_ Eis Heauton
Vomit Heat_ Spirit Desire
United Sounds of Joy_ United Sounds of Joy
zeitkratzer + Keiji Haino_ Stockhausen 'Aus Den Sieben Tagen'
Peixe:Avião_ Peso Morto
Venetian Snares_ Traditional Synthesizer Music
Max Richter_ Path 5 (Clark Remix)
Ipek Gorgun_ Aphelion
Gelbart_ Preemptive Musical Offerings to ...
Mint Julep_ Broken Devotion
Infernal Machines_ Rife
Freakwater_ Scheherazade
Matt Elliott_ The Calm Before
Diiv_ Is The Is Are
aMute_ Bending Time In Waves
PJ Harvey_ The Wheel
Regolith_ I
Wailin' Storms_ One Foot In The Flesh Grave
Underground Youth_ A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape
Simon Whetham_ Against Nature
Suede_ Night Thoughts (Deluxe Edition)
Mary Ocher + Your Government_ Mary Ocher + Your Government
Monolake_ Cray
Neil Landstrumm_ Extreme Pleasure
Maja Osojnik_ Let Them Grow
Massive Attack_ Ritual Spirit EP
Landforms_ Landforms
John 3:16_ The Burnt Tower / Babylon the Great
Emma Pollock_ In Search Of Harperfield
Half Japanese_ Perfect
Bonnie Prince Billy_ Pond Scum
Bartek Kujawski_ a kto jest slaby, niech jada jar...
Primal Scream_ Where The Light Gets In (single)
Keda_ Hwal
Peter Astor_ Spilt Milk
No Mask Effect_ Quick Smart
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra - Chris..._ Untitled Arpeggios and Pulses
Ande Somby_ Yoiking with the Winged Ones
Rumpistol_ Eyes Open Wide
Pop. 1280_ Paradise
Yves De Mey_ Drawn With Shadow Pens
Shearwater_ Jet Plane and Oxbow
Tindersticks_ The Waiting Room
Ty Segall_ Emotional Mugger
Tortoise_ The Catastrophist
Savages_ Adore Life
Owl Rave_ Owl Rave
Her_ Tape #1
Eleanor Friedberger_ New View
Daughter_ Not To Disappear
Tangtype_ Xpokin
Phall Fatale_ Moonlit Bang Bang
Tiny Ruins And Hamish Kilgour_ Hurtling Through
Slalom_ Wunderkamera
Silk Saw_ Imaginary Landscapes
They Might Be Giants_ Dial-A-Song Direct
Rykarda Parasol_ The Color Of Destruction
Pye Corner Audio_ Prowler
Max Richter_ Path 5 (Mogwai Remix)
LCD Soundsystem_ Christmas Will Break Your Heart
Esben and the Witch_ We Melted The Wax, Now We Can See
Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat_ The Most Important Place In The ...
Bill Wells & Friends_ Nursery Rhymes
Bill Pritchard_ Mother Town Hall
David Bowie_ Blackstar
Federico Durand_ A Través Del Espejo
Celer_ Akagi
Magda Mayas_ Terrain
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club_ Ordinary Boy acoustic demo
Radiohead_ Spectre (single)
Cryptic Scenery_ Isolation & Surveillance
Andrew Bird_ Happy Holidays - Gezelligheid
Zea_ The 7" Cassette
Vários_ When Suddenly the Ground Shakes....
US Girls_ Half Free
Thomas Ko¨ner_ The Futurist Manifesto
Telescopes_ Splashdown The Complete Creation...
SUNN O)))_ Kannon
Piano Magic_ Set Your Clock By Your Heart (A ...
Phill Niblock_ T H I R
Mulllr_ Workers
Miguel Frasconi_ Standing Breakage (for Stan Brak...
Lucrecia Dalt_ OU
Laura Cannell_ Swooping Tallons Remixes
La¨rmheim_ Cent Soleils
Kosmose_ Kosmic Music from the Black Country
Julia Kent_ Asperities
Ivar Grydeland_ Stop Freeze Wait Eat
HOX_ Duke Of York
HEXN_ al-khimiyya
H-CI_ Arconeon
Hans Tammen_ Music For Choking Disklavier
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project_ The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971
Fieldtone_ Book of Air
Cass McCombs_ A Folk Set Apart
Car Seat Headrest_ Teens Of Style
Bruckner_ Happy End
Bit-Tuner_ A Bit Of Light
Balustrade Ensemble, The_ Renewed Brilliance
BABs_ The Vulture Watches
Arpatle_ Quapi
Anthony Child_ Electronic Recordings from Maui ...
Bitter Springs_ Cuttlefish & Love's Remains
Geins`t Nait + Laurent Petitgand_ Oublier
Mathias Delplanque_ Drachen
Ross Manning_ Interlacing
Peixe:Avião_ 18|2: Lux, Lisboa
Peixe:Avião_ 20|2: Theatro Circo, Braga
Youthless_ 11|3: Musicbox, Lisboa
Youthless_ 12|3: Maus Hábitos, Porto
Youthless_ 18|3: Texas Bar, Leiria
Youthless_ 19|3: Salão Brasil, Coimbra
Kode9_ 24|3: GNRation, Braga
Old Jerusalem_ 2|4: ZDB, Lisboa
Old Jerusalem_ 8|4: Maus Hábitos, Porto
Old Jerusalem_ 16|4: Teatro Gil Vicente, Barcelos
Jamie XX_ 14|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Kurt Vile_ 14|7: SBSR, Lisboa
National, the_ 14|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Mac Demarco_ 15|7: SBSR, Lisboa
Cure, the_ 22|11: Meo Arena, Lisboa
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