Beach House
CD, 2012 Sub Pop

Depois da grandeza sublime de «Teen Dream» pareceria difícil que os Beach House fossem capazes de levar mais longe a sua capacidade de extrair pedras preciosas ao seu filão criativo, tal a quantidade de brilho com que tinham envolvido a sua formulação épica da dream-pop, cuidadosamente burilada ao longo de três álbuns. Ir daqui para um lugar mais alto, pareceria uma improbabilidade justificada. [++]

Mirel Wagner_ When The Cellar Children See The...
Nikki Sudden_ Fred Beethoven
Minus 5_ Scott The Hoople In The Dungeon ...
Vessel_ Punish, Honey
Drums, the_ Encyclopedia
Sondre Lerche_ Please
Scott Walker + Sunn O)))_ Soused
Shellac_ Dude Incredible
Harol Budd_ Jane 12-21
Leonard Cohen_ Popular Problems
Juan Maclean_ In A Dream
SBTRKT_ Wonder Where We Land
Samora_ Lontano
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds_ Give Us a Kiss
Honeyblood_ Honeyblood
Black Bananas_ Electric Brick Wall
Ike Yard_ A Second Remixed
alt-J_ This Is All Yours
Grip, the_ Celebrate
Tennis_ Ritual In Repeat
Helado Negro_ Double Youth
Goat_ Commune
Death from Above 1979_ The Physical World
Bruma_ Demo
I Am Oak_ Ols Songd
Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit_ Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth!
Portable_ Sportable
Current 93_ Sing Omega
Long Way To Alaska_ Life Aquatic EP
Tar Feather_ Heavy Metals
Cavalheiro_ Trégua
Dear Telephone_ Taxi Ballad
Blac Koyote_ Quiet Ensemble
Black Bombaim & La La La Ressonance_ Black Bombaim & La La La Ressonance
Sensible Soccers_ 8
Peixe:Avião_ Peixe:Avião
Merchandise_ After the End
Max Richter_ Retrospective
Lia Ices_ Ices
Wooden Wand_ Azag-Toth
Tricky_ Adrian Thaws
Nurse With Wound_ Nurse With Wound - Contrary Motion
Massimo Discepoli_ Parallax
machinone_ Tokyo
My Brightest Diamond_ This Is My Hand
Interpol_ El Pintor
Blonde Redhead_ Barragán
Anodyne_ IV
Andrea Carri_ Chronos
Jacaszek and Kwartludium_ Catalogue Des Arbres
Matt Valentine and Erica Elder_ Alpha Lyrae
Polyphonic Spree_ Psychphonic
New Pornographers, the_ Brill Bruisers
Shit And Shine_ Powder Horn
Johnny Yesterday_ Breathe In, Breathe Out
Erland And The Carnival_ Closing Time
Esben and the Witch_ A New Nature
Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo ..._ We Love Our Hole I'll Be Alright
Aphex Twin_ Syro
Elephant Stone_ The Three Poisons
Maps_ Realigned [Remix]
Magic Numbers_ Alias
Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato an..._ Fiesta, Que Viva La
Philip Selway_ Weatherhouse
Dntel_ Human Voice
J Mascis_ Tied To A Star
Legendary Pink Dots_ 12 Steps Off The Path
System 7_ Out
Stardeath And White Dwarfs_ Wastoid
Phoria_ Display EP
Phoria_ Bloodworks EP
Mark Lanegan Band_ No Bells On Sunday EP
Caribou_ Our Love
Demdike Stare_ Testpressing#006
Flaming Lips_ Here It Is!
Black Bananas_ Rad Times Xpress IV
Doors, the_ An American Prayer: Jim Morrison...
Astroboy, the_ 090309
Old Jerusalem_ Old Jerusalem EP
Palmer Eldritch_ Invisible Cities
La La La Ressonance + The Astroboy_ Soliloquy. Handsome stranger. Se...
Timber Timbre_ Creep On Creepin' On
Timber Timbre_ Timber Timbre
Timber Timbre_ Medicinals
Timber Timbre_ Cedar Shakes
Doors, the_ Morrison Hotel
Doors, the_ Absolutely Live
Doors, the_ The Soft Parade
Doors, the_ Waiting For The Sun
Doors, the_ Strange Days
Doors, the_ The Doors
Clock DVA_ Sign
Clock DVA_ Man-Amplified
Clock DVA_ Bitstream EP
Clock DVA_ Sound Mirror EP
Clock DVA_ The Hacker EP
Clock DVA_ Advantage
Clock DVA_ Thirst
Divine Comedy_ Fanfarre For The Comic Muse
Vários_ Rumours Revisited
Stealing Orchestra_ The Haunted and Almost Lost Song...
Stealing Orchestra_ Bu!
Stealing Orchestra_ Deliverance
Stealing Orchestra_ É Português Não Gosto!
Band Of Holy Joy_ The North Is Another Land
Band Of Holy Joy_ The North Is Another Land
Band Of Holy Joy_ On The Ground Where John Wesley ...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Oh What A Thing This Heart Of Man
Band Of Holy Joy_ Punklore
Band Of Holy Joy_ Evening World Holiday Show | pre...
Band Of Holy Joy_ Had A Mother Who Was Proud: And ...
Prefab Sprout_ Hidden Sprout
Paddy McAloon_ I Trawl the MEGAHERTZ
Prefab Sprout_ Protest Songs
Prefab Sprout_ The Gunman and Other Stories
Prefab Sprout_ Let's Change The Worl With Music
Prefab Sprout_ Jordan The Comeback
Prefab Sprout_ From Langley Park To Memphis
Prefab Sprout_ Andromeda Heights
Yann Tiersen_ Amélie OST
Morrisey_ Your Arsenal [Definitive Master]
Marnie Stern_ Marnie Stern
Asmus Tietchens_ Spät-Europa
Lou Reed and John Cale_ Songs For Drella
Lou Reed_ Berlin