Team Ghost
Team Ghost
Digital, 2016 Ed. Autor

Desde 2007 que Team Ghost existe, centrado no músico parisiense Nicolas Fromageaut, que em 2004 tinha abandonado os M83 que ajudara a criar e, com eles, a gerar um movimento (com, por exemplo, os Colder) que reprocessava, através da electrónica, a cold wave que, em França, tinha sido a via de escape para o beco sem saída em que o punk havia entrado depois dos seus anos de vitalidade. [++]

Ariel Guzik
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Oczy Mlody
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Jemh Circs
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CD, Embolacha
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Silent Carnival
Drowning at Low Tide
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Sparkle In Grey
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CD, Old Bicycle records
XX, the
I See You
Digital, Young Turks Records
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Pharmakon_ Contact
Ulrich Troyer_ Songs For William 3
Luc Ferrari_ He´te´rozygote / Petite symphonie…
Ezekiel Honig_ A Passage Of Concrete
Olivier Alary_ Fiction / Non-Fiction
Kassel Jaeger & Jim O'Rourke_ Wakes on Cerulean
Laurent De Schepper Trio_ Into Olymp
Emmanuel Mieville_ Juryo_ Dure´e de la vie de l'ain...
Herva_ Hyper Flux
Janek Sprachta_ Grow
Kim Myhr & Lasse Marhaug_ On the Silver Globe
Lawrence English_ Cruel Optimism
Andreas Oskar Hirsch_ ROW
Angelina Yershova_ Resonance Night
Andreas Usenbenz_ Bells Breath
Kleefstra Bakker Kleefstra_ Dize
Necks, the_ Unfold
Conrad Schnitzler_ Filmmusik II
Vários_ Sammlung (Elektronische Musikkas...
Vários_ Magnetband (Experimenteller Elek...
Yannis Kyriakides_ Subvoice
Simon Fisher Turner_ Giraffe
Microtub_ Bite of the Orange
Richard Pinhas_ Reverse
Olivia Louvel_ Data Regina
Gintas K_ Under My Skin
FLeUR_ The Space Between
BeWider_ Dissolve
Marcus Fjellström_ Skelektikon
Nadine Khouri_ The Salted Air
Björn Magnusson_ Almost Transparent Blue
Winter Family_ South From Here
Visible Cloaks_ Reassemblage
Marquises, Les_ A Night Full Of Collapses
Splitter Orchester / Felix Kubin_ Shine On You Crazy Diagram
Oto Hiax_ Oto Hiax
Ty Segall_ Ty Segall
Quarta330_ Pixelated
UnicaZu¨rn_ Transpandorem
Julie Byrne_ Not Even Happiness
Myra Davies_ Sirens
Cloud Nothings_ Life Without Sound
Andi Otto_ VIA
Beate Bartel & Gudrun Gut_ Instrumentals for Sirens
Piano Magic_ Closure
New Composers_ Sputnik
Rose Elinor Dougall_ Stellular
Foxygen_ Hang
William Basinsky_ A Shadow In Time
Sunflowers_ The Intergalactic Guide To Find ...
SOHN_ Rennen
Slowdive_ Star Roving
Bonobo_ Migration
Alessandro Bosetti_ Plane/Talea
Mile Me Deaf_ Alien Age
Half Japanese_ Hear The Lions Roar
Brian Eno_ Reflection
Austra_ Future Politics
Arborist_ Home Burial
Sunflowers_ The Intergalactic Guide To Find ...
Kalaha_ Masala
XX, the_ I See You
Flaming Lips_ Oczy Mlody
Keiji Haino, Jozef Dumoulin, Teu..._ The Miracles Of Only One Thing
Jos Smolders_ Exercises in Modular Synthesis a...
Housetones_ Housetones
Sparkle In Grey_ Brahim Izdag
Mariano Marovatto_ Selvagem
Silent Carnival_ Drowning at Low Tide
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross_ Patriots Day
Peter Broderick_ Grunewald
Membranes_ Inner Space / Outer Space (Dark ...
Convulsif_ IV
Clement Nourry_ Under The Reefs
Christian Bouchard_ Broken Ground
Cazzurillo_ Greetings from Grinchland
Amanda Palmer_ Piano Is Evil
Nine Inch Nails_ Not The Actual Events
papercutz_ Trust/Surrender
Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq_ Wintersong
Antoine Chessex, Apartment House..._ Plastic Concrete / Accumulation
Nakama_ Most Intimate
Paul Wirkus_ Discours amoureux
Band Ane_ Anish Music V
Cindytalk_ The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line
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No Mask Effect_ Lost Souls EP
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Team Ghost_ Team Ghost
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TV Pow_ TV Pow
Title Tracks_ Long Dream
Time Attendant & Howlround_ The Blow Volume 2
Sunflowers_ Post Breakup Stoner (single)
Stefano Saletti_ In Search of Homerus
Palace_ So Long Forever
Mirko_ LP1
Manu Louis_ Kermesse Machine
Mai Mai Mai_ Phi
Magnets_ Fight
Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or_ Anacalypsis
Biosphere_ Departed Glories
World`s End Girlfriend_ Last Waltz
Yann Tiersen_ Ouragan OST
Tumido_ Xaxim
Men, the_ Devil Music
Michel Redolfi_ Desert Tracks
Norberto Lobo_ Muxama
Magnetic Fields_ 5 Selections From 50 Song Memoir
Kate Bush_ Before The Dawn
Howe Gelb_ Future Standards
Gregory Taylor_ Sidoardjo (A Map of the Lost Cit...
Hirsch & Eigner_ Stalker / Swoop
Relay For Death_ Natural Incapacity
Emanuele de Raymondi_ EXUL
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis_ Mars
Jim Haynes_ Throttle & Calibration
George Lewis & Splitter Orchester_ Creative Construction Set™
Gareth Dickson_ Orwell Court
Ennio Morricone_ 60 Years Of Music
Burial_ Young Death EP
Boris Hauf_ CLARK [remastered]
Simon Goff_ HUE
Line Gøttsche_ Omonia
Asamisimasa_ Sound of Horse (music of Laurenc...
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pinkcourtesyphone_ Taking into account only a porti...
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Jeffrey Roden_ Threads of a Prayer Volume 1
Sabina Manetti & Mario Manetti_ Indygenie
His Name Is Alive_ Patterns Of Light
Flame Parade_ A New Home
Brume_ Mother Blast
Kristin Hersh_ Wyatt At The Coyote Palace
Efterklang & Karsten Fundal_ Leaves - The Colour Of Falling (...
Chrysta Bell_ Somewhere In The Nowhere EP
D-A_ Eice 24 EP
Alchemic Harm_ Alchemic Harm
Edgar (animo)_ Pandide
Takamovsky_ Sonic Counterpoint
Rothko_ A Young Fist Curled Around A Cin...
Spaceheads_ Laughing Water
Divine Comedy_ 3|2: Theatro Circo, Braga
Legendary Tiger Man, the_ 4|2: GNRation, Braga
Divine Comedy_ 4|2: Tivoli, Lisboa
Xiu Xiu_ 8|2: GNRation, Braga
Xiu Xiu_ 9|2: ZDB, Lisboa
@C_ 3|3: GNRation, Braga
Ute Lemper_ 17|3: CCB, Lisboa
Ute Lemper_ 18|3: Casa da Música, Porto
Motorama_ 20|3: Forte S. João de Deus, Bragança
Jenny Hval_ 29|4: GNRation, Braga