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Tiago Morais Morgado juntou-se à nossa emissão para uma conversa acerca da Nachtstuck Records, a casa editorial que dirige e que se afirma pelo arrojo das suas propostas
Moon Relay
Full Stop Etc
Digital, 2016 Hubro

«Full Stop Etc» é o segundo álbum dos dinamarqueses Moon Relay e vem propor um olhar crú para uma terra musical de ninguém, agora colonizada por sonoridades em choque contínuo. [++]

Collision Of Absolutes
Digital, Boring Machines
Emanuele de Raymondi
Digital, Zerokilled Music
Flame Parade
A New Home
Digital, Materiali Sonori
Hirsch & Eigner
Stalker / Swoop
Digital, Ous
His Name Is Alive
Patterns Of Light
Digital, Silver Mountain Media ...
Jason Sharp
A Boat Upon Its Blood
Digital, Constellation
Jeffrey Roden
Threads of a Prayer Volume 1
Digital, Solaire Records
Line Gøttsche
Digital, Velvet Mode
Taking into account only a...
Digital, Mego
Sabina Manetti & Mario...
Digital, Materiali Sonori
Svarte Greiner
Moss Garden
Digital, Miasmah
Muddersten_ Karpatklokke
Kim Myhr & Lasse Marhaug_ On the Silver Globe
Andreas Usenbenz_ Bells Breath
Angelina Yershova_ Resonance Night
Simon Fisher Turner_ Giraffe
Microtub_ Bite of the Orange
Yannis Kyriakides_ Subvoice
Olivia Louvel_ Data Regina
Gintas K_ Under My Skin
Myra Davies_ Sirens
Oto Hiax_ Oto Hiax
Andi Otto_ VIA
Piano Magic_ Closure
Jos Smolders_ Exercises in Modular Synthesis a...
Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq_ Wintersong
Antoine Chessex, Apartment House..._ Plastic Concrete / Accumulation
Nakama_ Most Intimate
Paul Wirkus_ Discours amoureux
Ben Frost_ The Wasp Factory
No Mask Effect_ Lost Souls EP
Cindytalk_ The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line
Sendai_ Ground and Figure
Band Ane_ Anish Music V
Super Heavy Metal_ Music For Cymbals
Team Ghost_ Team Ghost
Peter Holy_ Peter Holy
Oneida and Rhys Chatham_ What's Your Sign?
Flora Cash_ Can Summer Love Last Forever?
Factory Floor_ 25 25
Demdike Stare_ Testpressings
Valerio Corzani & Stefano Saletti_ Caracas
TV Pow_ TV Pow
Title Tracks_ Long Dream
Time Attendant & Howlround_ The Blow Volume 2
Sunflowers_ Post Breakup Stoner (single)
Stefano Saletti_ In Search of Homerus
Palace_ So Long Forever
Mirko_ LP1
Manu Louis_ Kermesse Machine
Mai Mai Mai_ Phi
Magnets_ Fight
Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or_ Anacalypsis
Biosphere_ Departed Glories
World`s End Girlfriend_ Last Waltz
Yann Tiersen_ Ouragan OST
Tumido_ Xaxim
Men, the_ Devil Music
Michel Redolfi_ Desert Tracks
Norberto Lobo_ Muxama
Magnetic Fields_ 5 Selections From 50 Song Memoir
Kate Bush_ Before The Dawn
Howe Gelb_ Future Standards
Gregory Taylor_ Sidoardjo (A Map of the Lost Cit...
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis_ Mars
Relay For Death_ Natural Incapacity
Jim Haynes_ Throttle & Calibration
Hirsch & Eigner_ Stalker / Swoop
Emanuele de Raymondi_ EXUL
George Lewis & Splitter Orchester_ Creative Construction Set™
Gareth Dickson_ Orwell Court
Ennio Morricone_ 60 Years Of Music
Burial_ Young Death EP
Boris Hauf_ CLARK [remastered]
Svarte Greiner_ Moss Garden
Asamisimasa_ Sound of Horse (music of Laurenc...
Line Gøttsche_ Omonia
pinkcourtesyphone_ Taking into account only a porti...
Simon Goff_ HUE
Otso_ Dendermonde
Amklon_ Collision Of Absolutes
Jeffrey Roden_ Threads of a Prayer Volume 1
Sabina Manetti & Mario Manetti_ Indygenie
His Name Is Alive_ Patterns Of Light
Flame Parade_ A New Home
Brume_ Mother Blast
Kristin Hersh_ Wyatt At The Coyote Palace
Efterklang & Karsten Fundal_ Leaves - The Colour Of Falling (...
Chrysta Bell_ Somewhere In The Nowhere EP
D-A_ Eice 24 EP
Alchemic Harm_ Alchemic Harm
Edgar (animo)_ Pandide
Takamovsky_ Sonic Counterpoint
Rothko_ A Young Fist Curled Around A Cin...
Spaceheads_ Laughing Water
Other Houses_ Fabulous Dates
Urban Homes_ Jams
John Cage_ Complete Song Books (by Reinhold...
Eli Keszler_ Last Signs Of Speed
Velhos_ Velhos
Benoît Pioulard_ The Benoît Pioulard Listening Ma...
Body/Head_ No Waves
Belle And Sebastian_ The Jeepster Singles Collection
Keiko Shichijo_ Komitas Vardapet: Six Dances
Sleigh Bells_ Jessica Rabbit
Ghédalia Tazartès, Pawel Romancz..._ Carp's Head
Oren Ambarchi_ Hubris
J.G. Biberkopf_ Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess
DJ Taye_ Move Out
Automat_ OstWest
Yo La Tengo_ Murder In The Second Degree
Adrian Corker_ The Have-Nots OST
TheUse feat. Rachel Mason & Blac..._ On My Deathbed
Andrew Pekler_ Tristes Tropiques
Lars Graugaard & Moritz Baumga¨r..._ What Actually Happened
HEXA_ Factory Photographs
Lambchop_ Flotus
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions_ Until The Hunter
A. K. Klosowski_ ...Plays the Kassetteninstrument
neoN_ ensemble neoN
Strange Walls, The_ Won't Last
Mark Harris & John 3:16_ Victory Over the Sun
Radian_ On Dark Silent Off
Moon Relay_ Full Stop Etc
Geir Sundstøl_ Langen Ro
Reinier Van Houdt_ Paths Of The Errant Gaze
Toy_ Clear Shot
Kilwater_ Kilwater
Sven Kacirek_ The Kenya Encores
Lou Barlow_ Apocalypse Fetish EP
Jung An Tagen_ Das Fest Der Reichen
OKZharp & Manthe Ribane_ Tell Your Vision EP
She & Him_ Christmas Party
Chris Abrahams_ Climb
Brian Jonestown Massacre_ Third World Pyramid
Weyes Blood_ Front Row Seat To Earth
Wayne Hancock_ Slingin' Rhythm
Nico Muhly And Teitur_ Confessions
Max Richter_ Black Mirror - Nosedive
Fujiya & Miyagi_ EP2
Fujiya & Miyagi_ EP1
Flaming Lips_ The Castle (single)
Barberos_ Barberos
Trupa Trupa_ Headache
Soojin Anjou, Askat Jetigen & Ro..._ Gletschermusik
Marvel Lima_ Marvel Lima
Motorama_ Dialogues
Subverter_ Dark Matter Tuxedo
Christopher Chaplin_ Je suis le Te´ne´breux
Wayne Graham_ Mexico
Goat_ Requiem
Notwist_ Superheroes, Ghostvillains And S...
Helado Negro_ Private Energy
Ariel Guzik_ Cordiox
Rodrigo Lea~o and Scott Matthew_ Life Is Long
Kutin Kindlinger Kubisch_ Decomposition I-III
Faint, the_ Capsule 1999-2016
Chris Cobilis with Kenneth Golds..._ This Is You
Mike Doughty_ The Heart Watches While The Brai...
Flat Five_ It's a World of Love and Hope
Leonard Cohen_ You Want it Darker
Molnbär av John_ The End
Lanks_ Viet Rose EP
Fábio Caramuru_ EcoMúsica: Conversas de um piano...
Smartini_ Liquid Peace EP
Jana Irmert_ End of Absence
Kuedo_ Slow Knife
Soft Grid_ Corolla
Christian Kjellvander_ A Village: Natural Light
New Composers_ Sputnik Of Life EP
Sixth Minor_ Amygdalae
Tamtam_ Urban Dialog
Ply_ Sans cesse
Peixe:Avião_ 9|12: Salão Brazil, Coimbra
Peixe:Avião_ 10|12: Maus Hábitos, Porto
Peixe:Avião_ 11|12: CAAA, Guimarães
Divine Comedy_ 3|2: Theatro Circo, Braga
Divine Comedy_ 4|2: Tivoli, Lisboa
Ute Lemper_ 17|3: CCB, Lisboa
Ute Lemper_ 18|3: Casa da Música, Porto