Me Raabenstein
Language Is A Spy
Digital, 2015 Nonine

Talento, criatividade e inventividade andam de mãos dadas com as edições do alemão Me Raabenstein, um agent-provocateur que é capaz de produzir um número infindável de alter-egos musicais, todos com plena justificação e com uma diversidade tal que espanta a não sobreposição das propostas saídas deste prolífico músico. [++]

Brighter Later
The Wolves
Digital, Own
Etienne Daho
L'homme qui marche
Digital, Parlophone
Francis Juno
Tomorrow`s Nostalgia
Digital, Hula Honeys
Digital, Western Vinyl
Hugo Race and True Spirit
Live in Brussels 1992
CD, Gusstaff
Kenneth Kirshner
Compressions & Rarefactions
Digital, 12k Records
Ólafur Arnalds And Nil...
Collaborative Works
Digital, Erased Tapes
Peter J. Birch
The Shore Up In The Sky
CD, Gusstaff
Stefan Christoff and P...
Tape Crash #12
Digital, Old Bicycle records
CD, Talitres
Music On A Shoestring - ...
Digital, Psychonavigation
Will Samson
Ground Luminosity
CD, Talitres
Tortoise_ The Catastrophist
Geins't Nait + Laurent Petitgand_ Oublier
Mathias Delplanque_ Drachen
Ross Manning_ Interlacing
Alpha Bubbah_ Baby Lady Fingers
Guy Reibel_ Douze inventions en six modes de...
Frank Benkho_ The Revelation According to Fran...
Asfast vs Kutin_ Split
Fhloston Paradigm_ Cosmosis Vol 1
Heather Leigh_ I Abused Animal
Ecovillage_ Jesus of Nazareth
Hurricane #1_ Find What You Love and Let It Ki...
Wainwright Sisters_ Songs In The Dark
Thing, the_ Shake
Necks, the_ Vertigo
Lumes, the_ Lust
Kurws, the_ All that is Solid Melts into Air
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer_ Twine
They Might Be Giants_ Why
Sven Kacirek_ Songs From Okinawa
Sun Glitters_ Diving Into Reality
ROUGGE_ Monochrome
Rodrigo Leăo & Orquestra e Coro ..._ O Retiro
Robin Fox_ A Small Prometheus
Ringo Deathstarr_ Pure Mood
Stephan Mathieu_ Before Nostromo
Port St Willow_ Syncope
Norman Westberg_ 13
Oneohtrix Point Never_ Garden Of Delete
Martijn Comes_ Tradition Noise
Max Richter_ Sleep
Kristoffer Bolander_ I Forgive Nothing
Kode9_ Nothing
Mark Van Hoen_ Nightvision
Jens Lekman_ Ghostwriting
FM Einheit + Irmler_ Bestandteil
Giona Vinti_ Nox Lux
Goldmund_ Sometimes
Gintas K_ Message in a Bottle
Etienne Daho_ L'homme qui marche
Erik Friedlander_ Oscalypso
Column One_ Cindy, Loraine & Hank
Arca_ Mutant
Helmut Herler_ Pudel Verkrafft
Brighter Later_ The Wolves
Francis Juno_ Tomorrow`s Nostalgia
Björn Kleinhenz_ Ursa Minor
Takashi Hattori_ Moon
Will Samson_ Ground Luminosity
Utro_ Solnze
Peter J. Birch_ The Shore Up In The Sky
Hugo Race and True Spirit_ Live in Brussels 1992
Brian Jonestown Massacre_ Mini Album Thingy Wingy
Stefan Christoff and Post Mortem_ Tape Crash #12
Shinyribs_ Okra Candy
Vários_ Music On A Shoestring - DJ.Foo...
Lilly Joel_ What Lies In The Sea
Kenna Mae_ Blue Darlin’
Ju¨rgen Ploog_ Tapes von unterwegs 1971-1976
Jean-Luc Fafchamps_ Gentle Electronics
Ólafur Arnalds And Nils Frahm_ Collaborative Works
Grimes_ Art Angels
Emeralds_ Convalescent
Elephant_ Hypergiant
Cree Rider Family Band_ Let The River Rise
Darren Hayman & The Secondary Mo..._ Florence
Cabaret Contemporain_ Moondog
Bvdub_ Safety In A Number
Jacob Kirkegaard_ Arc
Volcano The Bear_ Commencing
Björk_ Vulnicura Strings
Povab_ Zarja
Emeralds_ Years
Vigliensoni_ Jaguar
Schwarzenbach, the_ Nicht sterben. Aufpassen
Everest Magma_ Modern / Antique
OK Zharp_ Dumela 113
Hurricane #1_ Think of the Sunshine (single)
Dimitri Mazurov_ Vestige EP
Sex Jams_ Catch!
Mika Vainio + Franck Vigroux_ Peau Froide, Lčger Soleil
Sofa Surfers_ Scrambles, Anthems and Odysseys
Kristian Harting_ Summer Of Crush
Luke Haines_ British Nuclear Bunkers
Kangding Ray_ Cory Arcane
Island Band, The_ Like Swimming
Joanna Newsom_ Divers
Half Japanese_ Bingo Ringo EP
Current 93_ wastikas For Noddy / Crooked Cro...
Cinerama_ Valentina
Arturas Bums?teinas_ Gamelan Descending a Staircase
Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi_ Cold Moon
Beach House_ Thank Your Lucky Stars
Aidan Baker_ Sorry For What I Said To You In ...
AGF_ A Deep Mysterious Tone
Tellavision_ Third Eye
99 Blows_ Live Free Or Die
Shape Worship_ A City Remembrancer
Rafael Anton Irisarri_ A Fragile Geography
!!!_ As If
Spaceheads_ A Short Ride on the Arrow of Time
Colin Potter_ Rank Sonata
Ben Weaver_ I Would Rather Be A Buffalo
Swans_ The Gate
Mark Kozelek_ Down In The Willow Garden
Bússola_ Bússola
Les Crazy Coconuts_ Les Crazy Coconuts
Sound, the_ BBC Live in Concert
Flora Quartet_ Muzikka Organikka
Mirt_ Vanishing Land
Coil_ Backwards
Co La_ No No
Deerhunter_ Fading Frontier
Xiu Xiu_ Xiu Xiu Twin Peaks Ambient
Wavves_ V
Vários_ freq_out 1.2 8 SKANDION
Shriekback_ Without Real String Or Fish
Philip Jeck_ Cardinal
Protomartyr_ The Agent Intellect
Ólafur Arnalds And Nils Frahm_ Loon
Mural_ Tempo
Peaches_ Rub
Mr Vast_ Touch and Go
Monkey Plot_ Anga°ende omstendigheter som ikk...
Michalis Moschoutis_ Nylon
Ms. John Soda_ Loom
Me Raabenstein_ Language Is A Spy
Krishve_ Sort Diamant
King Midas Sound & Fennesz_ Edition 1
Laurel Halo_ In Situ [EP]
Kenneth Kirshner_ Compressions & Rarefactions
Gavin Russom_ Body Minimalism EP
John Grant_ Grey Tickles, Black Pressure
Port-Royal_ Where Are You Now
Arcade Fire, the_ The Reflektor Tapes
Zulus_ II
Filiamotsa_ Like It Is
Peter Prautzsch_ Fever Remixes
Equipo_ Simulaciones Revisited
Bottle Rockets_ South Broadway Athletic Club
Josh T. Pearson_ 3|12: Musicbox, Lisboa
You Can't Win Charlie Brown_ 5|12: Musicbox, Lisboa
Eagles Of Death Metal_ 10|12: Armazém F, Lisboa
Deus_ 18|12: Theatro Circo, Braga
Cure, the_ 22|11: Meo Arena, Lisboa